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#BookADayUK - Day 11: Best book recommened by a librarian

It's very sad that I have to pass on that one. The place where I grew up had a really bad library. They had nothing, and when they had new books it was usually award-winning ones, books I'm still no fan of. At my school each class had a tiny shelf with books you could borrow and this shelf held better books than the local library.


But it wasn't just the library which was bad. The librarians were even worse. I remember that I once asked for the Mary Poppins books. The librarian then asked me if I could name some of the titles Ms Poppins had written... I guess that says it all! And to make things even worse, she was the one who always did the reading hours for children and the library even had the Disney movie.


So I've sadly never had a book recommended by a librarian.