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Fear the dark side!

Nyctophobia - Christopher Fowler

This is the creepiest book I've read in a long, long time: Callie, a young architect with a so far troubled life, moves into a huge lonely house in the Spanish countryside with her husband Mateo and her stepdaughter Bonnie. The house is built so that the front lie always in the light and the back rooms, which are locked, lie always in the dark. With the family are living a housekeeper and a mute gardener. Mateo has to do a lot of travelling and thus Callie is often left alone with the other three. Callie is suffering from nyctophobia, fear of the dark, and is scared of the dark part of the house. When trying to find out about this dark side she meets many obstacles and is drawn ever deeper into the houses' dark secrets.
I like good creepy ghost stories which cause the horrors by ones deepiest fears and not so much by slaughtering others. Nyctophobia is a very scary book which makes you fear the dark and makes you question what's really behind those shadows. If you're fans of the more subtle horror this book might be just the thing for you.


(I received a free digital copy via Netgalley. Thanks for the opportunity!)