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A Sudden Light by Garth Stein

A Sudden Light: A Novel - Garth Stein

Fourteen-year-old Trevor Riddell and his father arrive at the ancient family home, Riddell-House. For Trevor it's the first time at this place and also the first time he meets his grandfather and his aunt, Serena, who still live there. The purpose of the visit is to persuade Trevor's grandfather to leave the house and sell it so that the rest of the family will receive some badly needed money.
The Riddell family once was one of the big-shots in the wood and timber business in Washington state. Riddell house is a gigantic mansion in the middle of the woods. It's rotting and almost falling apart.
Trevor hardly knows anything about his family and their history. At Riddell house he soon gets involved in the many secrets this place holds - and its ghosts, some real, others not so. Trevor tries to solve the riddles (I'm sure the double meaning is intended) and becomes ensnarled much deeper than he ever thought he would...


A Sudden Light is a very enjoyable read: it is part ghost story, part detective story, interlarded with historical and environmental topics and of course a coming-of-age book. There are lots of twists and turns, some expected, some very sudden.
What I particularly liked about this book was that it uses a combination of paranormal and coming-of-age story, something quite common at the moment in YA-literature. But at the same time the solving of the family secret is the central topic of the story. There is no teenage love story, something I'm really tired of.
4 to 4.5 stars.


(I received a free digital copy via Netgalley.)