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Das Herz des Piraten. SZ Junge Bibliothek Band 39

Das Herz des Piraten (SZ Junge Bibliothek, #39) - Benno Pludra I watched the movie a long time ago and I remember that I didn't really like it. I only read the book because it is part of 1001 Children's Books You Must Read Before You Grow Up.
I thought that maybe I hadn't understood some parts of the story because I had been too young when I watched the movie. But now that I have read the book as well I have to say that the story really is a bit strange sometimes.
There is Jessika, a young girl who grows up without a father. She just knows that he is an artist in a circus. One day she finds a stone at the beach. The stone starts talking to her and tells her that he is the heart of a pirate. Only Jessika can hear him speak and so the other people start worrying about her. The pirate tells her about his past and that his biggest wish is to see his father again. Jessika replies that this is also her biggest wish. One day there is a horse standing in front of the house and there's a man sitting in the living room. Jessika at first believes that he's the pirate until she realizes that he is in fact her father.
I liked the story about Jessika and her father and also the way it ended. What I didn't like however was the story about the pirate. In the end he is just gone without any further explanation. These endings where you have to think about the meaning and what actually happened can work really well but here they didn't.
What made me like the book even less was the language. Benno Pludra often doesn't use complete sentences and often has a queer word order. This sometimes makes the book a bit difficult to read: you read a sentence and then you read it again because you think that there is something wrong.