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The Road to Little Dribbling by Bill Bryson

The Road to Little Dribbling: Adventures of an American in Britain - Bill Bryson

After several popular science books Bill Bryson is back with another travel book: Once again he travels around the UK. He did so the first time in Notes from a Small Island more than 20 years ago. This times his plan is to travel from the very South to the very North, only visiting places he didn't before. He draws a Bryson-line across the map and plans to travel along it. And this is where my problem with this book lies: I love Bill Bryson, he's extremely funny and so was this book. But I can be a little nitpicking when I'm given an initial plan and then someone deviates from it completely. I know that Bill Bryson says that he won't stick exactly to the line but than he e.g. travels to Cornwall which isn't even close to the line. And most of the places he visits he alreay visited before - if not in Notes from a Small Island than in person without writing about them, but still. It also takes him almost two thirds of the book to get past Manchester and Liverpool. Wales gets only one chapter and so does Scotland (which probably is only mentioned because he needs it for the very North).
But on the other hand this is Bill Bryson - and I just love Bill Bryson. He was very witty as usual, and I could empathize with almost anything he says. I guess this book is mainly for his fans who will be well entertained. I'll still read anything he writes no matter what it is about.