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A Banquet of Consequences by Elizabeth George

A Banquet of Consequences: A Lynley Novel (Inspector Lynley Novel) - Elizabeth  George

Clare Abbott, a well known feminist writer, is poisoned. A few days later her editor almost dies as well. But were the two really meant to be the victims or was someone else actually the killer's target?

With this 19th installment in the Inspector Lynley series the old Elizabeth George is finally back! And it was high time for that. After the really bad Just One Evil Act I was about to give this series up. I'm glad I didn't because this book was so good. My expectations weren't very high but once I started reading I couldn't put the book down anymore.

What I found very interesting was the Lynley-Havers constellation: Havers is doing the actual work this time and is almost instructing Lynley what to do next. Lynley is of course still the supervisor but is really in the background. This worked very well and I'm very curious where this is leading. There are also some (positive) changes in both their lives which makes me look forward to the next book a lot.

The crime itself was excellent even though I knew who the killer was quite early. But this just shows how well constructed it was. The characters were well created (I will probably never forget the highly manipulative Caroline) and the many twists and turns made this an exciting read. Let's hope that the series will stay this way!

(I received a free digital copy via Netgalley/the publisher. Thanks for the opportunity!)