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Just One Evil Act by Elizabeth George

Just One Evil Act - Elizabeth  George

I've had my problems with the Lynley books ever since Helen's death. What still kept me reading them were the main characters, especially Barbara Havers. She's very special and I like her unorthodox methods. But in Just One Evil Act Barbara's behaviour often was hardly bearable. She acts extremely immature, naive and often simply stupid. While this is partly understandable especially when you look at the miserable live she's leading it makes reading this book very tedious.
On top of that the actual crime seems very contrived and obvious. Most of it is set in Italy and Elizabeth George seems to use every possible cliché, not just on Italy and the Italians but also on Pakistanis/Muslims and private investigators.
What makes me still want to continue reading this series is how the book ended (except for Azhar's story): Things seem to progress in Lynley's private life, Barbara finally is in her right mind again and Isabelle Ardery even looks human. I'm curious for the next volume and how things will continue!