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Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell

Eleanor & Park - Rainbow Rowell

All in all this was a decent story. It was a quick read and I also enjoyed reading it.
I just had this major problem that the story is so very unrealistic. If it was just about a girl from a white trash family who is quite unremarkable but is made a little fun of by her classmates but who despite of her background is an intelligent person, I would have said OK. But why does Eleanor have to be everything, absolutely everything, all her fellow students be despise? And then a guy who is half-asian (as if that was that bad) but actually is one of the cool kids suddenly falls madly in love with her! And it's always Park who is the one with all the feelings and stuff. This is so incredibly unlikely. If someone can give me a true example of something like this really happening I might reconsider my judgement. But we're talking about highschool here. If Park was the coolest kid on the entire school he might be strong enough to defend Eleanor and see behind her facade. But even then the love story seems so unlikely. I wish it was true but from what I know from my own experiences I can just tell you, it couldn't be.