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[#BookADayUK] Day 2: Favourite SF/Fantasy Novel for World UFO Day

Die Meute der Morrigan (SZ Junge Bibliothek Fantasy, #10) - Pat O'Shea, Bettine Braun

The Hounds of the Morrigan is one of the best children's/YA fantasy novels I .ever read I wish it was better known outside Ireland, the place where it is set. It deals a lot with Irish/Celtic Myths. This makes it special and sets it appart from the fantasy books you usually find, which are often more or less just variations of The Lord of The Rings or Narnia.

The story is set both in modern-day Ireland and in a fantasy world through the two protagonists, ten-year-old pidge and his little sister Bridget have to escape from the Morrigan (goddess of battle, strife, and sovereignty) and her hounds. On their way the children are often helped by animals and have to fulfill several tasks.

In its structure and the appearance of the ancient Celtic gods, The Hounds of the Morrigan is similar to The Weirdstone of Brisingamen. Of the two I prefer the Morrigan. It is more fast-paced and the fantasy elements used are more varied.