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This blog is about my literary adventures in different genres. I like variety in my reading and will read books from most genres but particulary book with some literary merit.

Die Stimmen des Flusses: Roman (suhrkamp taschenbuch) - Jaume Cabré This is definitely one of the best books I ever read. I came across it by chance.
The novel is set in different time periods ranging from the Spanish Civil War to today. It tells the story of what really happened in a small village in Cataluna during that war and how these occurances still affect people today.
The author has a very interesting style of writing: he sometimes changes between the period he narrates and the narrator in the middle of a sentence. In the beginning this makes it a bit difficult to understand what is happening. But after some time you get used to this style and it really gives a special design to the story.
I have recommended this books to lots of people and absolutely everyone loved it. So a really recommend it to anyone here as well.