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This blog is about my literary adventures in different genres. I like variety in my reading and will read books from most genres but particulary book with some literary merit.

Die Spiderwick Geheimnisse, Bd. 1 Eine unglaubliche Entdeckung - 'Tony DiTerlizzi',  'Holly Black',  'Anne Brauner' I was mighty disappointed by this book. I watched the movie some time ago and I really liked it. But I just couldn't really warm up with this book.
The problem wasn't the story line or the writing. It's a really lovely story full of fantasy. The problem was that the book ended when finally the first secret had been discovered. So basically what was told in this first volume were the first 2 or 3 chapters of a "normal" book. This really annoyed me.
The marketing behind all this is pretty clever. The whole series consists of 8 books which are all pretty much of the same length. The could as well have been published as two or three volumes. Instead you have to buy 8 different volumes. Most people surely will. The books are very suspense-packed and at the end leave open many questions.
I normally would have given the book four stars for the story. But I only rated it three stars because of the cold-turkey ending.