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This blog is about my literary adventures in different genres. I like variety in my reading and will read books from most genres but particulary book with some literary merit.

Grimpow. Das Geheimnis der Weisen - Rafael Ábalos I'm a huge fan of historical fiction. I often like the books written for young adults a lot better than the ones written for adults because there usually isn't so much trash. Grimpow is part of the 1001 childrens books list and I was really looking forward to it.
The setting sounded really good: a monastry in the middle ages, a library and lots of riddles. Of course I immediately thought of The Name of the Rose which I adore.
But Grimpow turned out not to be my cup of tea: it turned out to be about the Knights Templar and the philosopher's stone. This is a topic I'm so sick of reading. It has been chewn through so much in the past ten years that I really can't hear it anymore. The riddles were also pretty obvious and often not really riddles at all. I also didn't like the supernatural elements and the end was, well, not so good.
I liked the language, though, and it's the only reason I rated the book 3 stars and not just two. I read through it quite qickly but was glad to finish it anyway. Definitely not a book I would widely recommend.