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This blog is about my literary adventures in different genres. I like variety in my reading and will read books from most genres but particulary book with some literary merit.

Salz im Haar - Avi Oh how I love this kind of book: children's historical fiction in combination with an adventure story and a strong female heroine! Of course, reading this book as an adult, many things seem a little unrealistic and the heroine at times seems quite naive. But the book is written for children and they just love this kind of thing. And Charlotte also is a child; of course she would rather trust in the captain, a person who reminds her of her father, and not in the sailors. This also explains the way she acts in the beginning. During the voyage she changes a lot however which made me enjoy the book even more. I particularly liked the end of the book and I really enjoyed the twists and turns the story takes. Highly recommended!