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The Shepherd's Crown by Terry Pratchett

The Shepherd's Crown (Tiffany Aching) - Terry Pratchett

Terry Pratchett was not able to fully complete this novel before his death. This is sad but also brings us so much closer to him: In the afterword we can read how he wrote his novels, that he had several scenes on his mind and then constructed the story as he went along. Most of The Shepherd's Crown is finished but there are also some scenes which don't seem to be much connected with the rest of the stoy. That doesn't matter, however. The book is still a fun and quick read.
But at the same time it's a sad read, not only because it's the final Discwolrd novel but also because of Granny Weatherwax's death. She was such a great character and Discworld is just not the same without her.

We will miss you, Terry Pratchett!

(I received a free digital copy via Netgalley/the publisher. Thanks for the opportunity!)