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The Thief Taker by C.S. Quinn

The Thief Taker - C.S. Quinn

I'm always looking for good historical fiction and especially historical crime - something which is unfortunately very rare. The Thief Taker immediately caught my eye: it seemed to be intelligent historical fiction and there seemed to be no love story involved (or at least wasn't the main focus). The novel is set in London during the great plague. People are dying by the dozens, hundreds, thousands. But with all these deaths there is one which is different: a young girl is dreadfully murdered - by a plague doctor. At the crime scene a dark spell seems to have been performed but parts of the spell seem to be missing. Charlie Tuesday, a young thief taker, is asked to investigate the murder by the dead girl's sister. What starts as the hunt for a madman soon turns into the investigation of a plot against the king...
I really enjoyed reading The Thief Taker. I liked how pitiless C.S. Quinn described the plague and its horrors. I knew how many people had died but I never imagined how dreadful it really was. I also liked the characters. Charlie is clever, even though he only had a simple education. Maria at times seems arrogant but really has a good heart.
I have some issues with the crime, though. I was a bit surprised but who the murderer was. But I found that the solution of the murders ended a bit abruptly. I also have some problems with insane people committing crimes. Crimes committed by sane people just seem so moch more real.
The book had an open ending. I usually prefer books and especially crime novels to have a closed ending. But in this case I didn't mind. In fact, I'm really looking forward to reading the next volume and finding out more about the plot and Charlie's past.